Project Description

“And You, Seas”

welded stainless steel

55’H x 16’W x 16’D

Silver Beach Park

St. Joseph, Michigan



“And You, Seas” was commissioned by the Krasl Art Center of Art of St Joseph Michigan and the Berrian County Department of Parks and Recreation for the site in Silver Beach in St. Joseph Michigan.  The site specifically is the south pier where the St. Joseph River meets Lake Michigan.  Because of the sites proximity to a navigable waterway the U.S. Corps of Engineers had to approve the plans for its installation.  Cassions anchor the work to a depth of over forty feet and the sculpture has survived storms with winds gusting up to one hundred miles per hour.

The sculptures title is taken from the title of a poem by St. John Perse.  In it the poet declares his love, his almost mystic marriage with the sea, its wonders and terrors are explored and in the end the poet is exultant.